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An author reads: Izivakashi emkhathini

by | Dec 14, 2021 | Online Reading Corner, Schools

Aliens journey to different planets – A family of aliens are on holiday. They visit different planets. However, at each planet something goes wrong. All dad wants to do is take a family photo but each time something goes wrong and they end up taking a ruined photo. 

They eventually make their way to Earth and have a lovely safari holiday as they blend into the long grass of the veld. This story is read by author Wazi M Kunene. We’ve even included some worksheets to download and keep you busy during the holidays. 

This title is a part of the Aweh! IsiZulu series for Grade 3 Level 11 Reader.

#holidays #holidayseason #readingforenjoyment #readingforfun #readingtime #readingisfun 

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