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If you are a student, please contact your lecturer directly for access to your relevant Eduzone resources.
Higher Education students using EduZone

Oxford EduZone has everything you need to assist you with


Provides course management.

Offers materials to support teaching preparation.

Saves time and alleviates admin.


Allows lecturers to share content and resources with students.

Conveniently integrates into LMS.

Fosters a community.


Supports independent learning and student success with formative assessment.

Saves lecturers test preparation and marking time.

Provides students with opportunities to practise for formal assessment.


Integrates into LMS.

Saves on admin.

Supports diagnostic assessments and opportunities to improve pass rates.

As a lecturer, there are two ways to use EduZone to access your textbook’s free resources:

  • Access code for the lecturer


  • Integration with your institution’s Learning Management System (LMS)

What you get:

Access code

Integration with LMS

Lecturer has own profile and login linked to email address.

Lecturer can view or download teaching resources.

Lecturer can download assessments as a printout, or extract them from EduZone and import them into the institution’s LMS.

Student has own profile and login.

Class enrolment information syncs from your institution’s LMS.

Lecturer can assign tasks, resources or assessments to students within EduZone.

Students can do interactive assessments, as applicable per course.

Lecturer can track student interactive assessment results.

Student results are populated into the institution’s LMS gradebook.

If you as a lecturer want quick access to the resources, you will want an access code.

If you want the integrated offer, including use of the rich interactive assessments, you will want EduZone to integrate with your institution’s LMS.

Learning Management Systems that EduZone can integrate with:

  • Moodle
  • BrightSpace
  • Blackboard
  • Canvas
  • Sakai
  • Google classroom
Student in the library using EduZone
Student studying using Eduzone
Higher Education EduZone users

Simply complete the online form by clicking on one of the buttons below to request an access code or
LMS integration. Alternatively, you can speak to an Education Consultant.

I would like to get an access code

I would like to have LMS integration

I would like to speak to an education consultant

I am a student

I have existing Eduzone access, and would like to access another textbook title

To learn more, call Oxford University Press on 021 120 0104, or email DigitalSupport.za@oup.com.

Download the Technical Requirements document below to find out more about the browser, operating system & internet speed requirements needed to run Eduzone.