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Oxford EduZone is a digital platform providing learners and teachers with an easy way to keep ahead and succeed.

Remote Learning

Remote and online learning is becoming increasingly important, and it has never been easier for teachers and learners to create a digital classroom. Oxford EduZone offers an all-in-one hub for your digital classroom and everything you need to deliver digitally enhanced lessons.

Oxford EduZone is an innovative way for teachers to ensure learners remain engaged and on track.


Struggling to capture the attention of your learners?
  • EduZone has done a lot of the hard work for you – resources are linked to the curriculum and the questions in our assessment bank are clearly tagged so that you can find them easily!
  • Includes flexible and organised learning materials such as digital enhanced eBook content, videos, animations, simulations and plenty of test-banks.
  • EduZone is also perfect for learning on-the-go and is fully optimised for iOS or Android devices, on- or offline!


EduZone elevates your class textbooks into an active learning zone!
  • Colourful slide shows and videos bring the content into the real world.
  • Interactive activities with instant feedback show learners gaps in their understanding.
  • Simulations and teaching videos explain difficult concepts so learners don’t fall behind and get disheartened.


Get instant access to assessments and study material
Activities, question banks, self-marking tests, formative assessments, summative assessments, graded/levelled assessments and targeted assessments allow for plenty of practice and remediation.


Do you know exactly how each one of your learners is doing at the touch of a button?
  • EduZone gives you detailed feedback on your learners’ progress.
  • EduZone even helps learners keep track of their homework across different subjects.
  • You’ll never have to hear “I left my book at home/school” again!

All of this gives your learners the freedom to navigate backwards and forwards through the course themselves and become confident
21st-century learners!

It includes

Flexible and organised learning materials such as digitally enhanced eBook content, videos, animations, simulations and plenty of test-banks.

Content and resources that are easy to access and navigate, saving valuable teaching and learning time.

Learning analytics that allow teachers to identify the concepts learners struggle with.

A clear roadmap for learners to understand what is needed of them, and by when.

Oxford EduZone has everything you need,
and more

An app (iOS or Android) for learning on-the-go. Learners can access the enhanced eBook content and complete tasks on time, anytime, anywhere.

Content is available both on- and offline.

Top-quality videos and animations about various topics illustrate key concepts in an appealing and engaging way.

Simulations make it easy to understand complicated concepts.

Robust test-banks can be adapted and customised to fit learners’ specific needs.

Quizzes are a helpful tool for checking and testing learners’ knowledge and skills.

Teachers can create or change assignments, award marks quickly and effortlessly, and even send messages.

Teachers can pick tests or exams from preloaded test-banks, and easily adapt and customise the questions to meet their needs.

Future-proof your classroom today

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