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Growing Reading Skills

across the curriculum

Read to Learn helps to build the capability of reading for meaning in English, in the Intermediate Phase, across core Grade 4 – 6 subjects.

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Did you know?

Readers often battle to read for meaning, especially with the jump from Grade 3 to Grade 4.

This may because English is not their home language, or it may be because they are not strong readers.

Read to Learn is the solution we have been waiting for.

Read to Learn covers Natural Sciences and Technology, Social Sciences and Mathematics for Grades 4-6. It has been specifically designed to grow reading skills across the Grades 4-6 CAPS curriculum at different language levels so that learners who struggle to read can still access the material they need to learn.

How does the system place the learner on a reading level?

When the learner logs in to Read to Learn for the first time, the system tests their reading and comprehension level. This placement test was designed by an experienced teacher and tested in schools before it was built into the system. Each learner is placed on a reading level based on how well they did in the placement test.

What language support is built into the system?

  • Additional language support includes:
    vocabulary support (in English and in isiXhosa/isiZulu/Sesotho, with more languages coming soon) including audio pronunciation.
  • a personal dictionary that each learner can create by “adding” words that they have looked up in the dictionary.
  • vocabulary games containing words relevant to the content.

The intention is to gradually increase the learners’ reading level so that they can read at the required level for their grade.

How does the system motivate learners?

The content is rich and interactive and includes a lot of audio, video and animation, bringing the content to life. There are lots of quizzes and games to motivate learners.

Teacher dashboard

There is also a teacher dashboard where the teacher can follow the progress of the class and individual learners.

Why choose Read To Learn?

Read To Learn is designed to integrate and coordinate with the teaching timetable. Learners benefit from both face-to-face time with their teacher and digital time where they can learn at their own pace and level.

An overview video of the Read To Learn platform

Overview isiXhosa
Overview isiZulu

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