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Oxford and Resolute bring you cutting-edge, turnkey Coding & Robotics solutions to meet your unique needs. Together, we’re shaping the future for your learners, one innovation at a time.
Oxford University Press and Resolute have joined forces to bring you the best-in-class, full-service Coding & Robotics solutions to meet your needs, wherever you are at in your journey.
We provide you a step-by-step solution:

Step 1

Printed Resources

A comprehensive STEM-based curriculum made up of Workbooks, Learner’s Books and Teacher’s Guides from Grades R to 12.

Step 2

Robotic Kits

Durable and reusable robotics kits that provide learners with engaging, hands-on learning experiences fostering creativity and critical thinking.

Step 3

Online Platform

A revolutionary online platform offering on-demand video lessons, quizzes and additional resources.

Step 4 & 5

Training & Support

Extensive SACE-endorsed teacher training and long-term technical support to ensure continuous access to guidance and support.

Our five-step offering for Grades R to 12 comprises a combination of print, hardware and software solutions. It can be used as part of your school curriculum, as an extramural course, or as part of our online academy.

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Resolute Education

Coding & Robotics for the next generation

At Oxford and Resolute, we know that your Coding & Robotics journey is evolving and ever-changing. Whether you’ve just kicked off or you’re seasoned in the subject and looking to level up, we have a solution for you.

The Novice Stream

Recommended grades: R-3

Ground Level

Recommended Grade: R

The “Unplugged” Coding & Robotics programme teaches young learners concepts like algorithms and pattern recognition, promotes critical thinking and develops fine motor skills.

Level 1 & 2

Recommended Grades: 1 & 2

The Novice kit is ideal for young learners who are new to the world of coding and robotics. It aims to build a foundation in key programming concepts as well as the application of computational thinking and how computers work – a great introduction to coding fundamentals.

Level 3

Recommended Grade: 3

Learners enhance their Novice Bot with the Level 3 expansion kit, which includes added components such as a multi button unit and an LCD screen, allowing learners to delve deeper into programming while exploring more complex computational thinking and coding concepts.

The Apprentice Stream

Recommended grades: 4-6

Level 1

Recommended Grade: 4

Explore the world of block-based coding using Scratch, and transition to MakeCode to understand how to use inputs and outputs with the Micro:bit. Understand how to use buttons, a piano touchpad, shake input, LEDs, LED array, and buzzers.

Level 2

Recommended Grade: 5

Progress to more complex components and techniques with the Micro:bit car and crane, incorporating object avoidance and line following. Learn how to use light sensors, temperature sensors, light level gauges, and push buttons to sharpen your robotics skills.

Level 3

Recommended Grade: 6

With the Home Automation kit, learners will apply the fundamental electronic theory that they have learned using the Micro:bit to assemble their very own all-encompassing “smart home”. They will learn how to work with LEDs, servo motors, LCD systems, temperature sensors, light sensors, and so much more.

The Advanced Stream

Recommended grades: 7-9+

Level 1

Recommended Grade: 7

This cutting-edge course offers comprehensive instruction in circuit building and Arduino programming (a C++ derivative) which allows learners to build their own Autonomous Hand Sanitiser. Learners will then take their skills one step further and begin to learn the fundamentals of script coding.

Level 2

Recommended Grade: 8

Learners will learn how to build a self-watering garden using the Smart Garden kit, which includes DC motors, LEDs, soil moisture sensors, and more. This project is a fun way to learn about circuit building and Arduino programming. Once they’ve mastered the basics, they can advance in script coding.

Level 3

Recommended Grade: 9+

At this level, learners will gain valuable knowledge in electronics and circuit building while learning how to further test and debug their code using a Tinkercad simulator. With a strong foundation of the basics in place, they’ll have the opportunity to take their skills to the next level with script coding.

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