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Towards the professionalisation of TVET lecturers

The latest research report on the professionalisation of TVET lecturers has just been released.

10 tips for keeping up with your studies

With exams just around the corner, now is a good time to make sure you are preparing for your exams in the most efficient way. Read the tips below to keep your studies on track.

But e-books are cheaper!

The textbook cost debate keeps raging on.  People complain bitterly about how expensive certain textbooks are and believe that the only solution is to go digital. 

Meet your Succeed In Mathematics Author – Arthur E Oliver

Succeed In Mathematics provides students with the necessary theoretical knowledge to understand mathematical principles and enter exams, as well as the practical application to enter the workspace confidently.  Written by Arthur E Oliver, the book features worked...

Students! Succeed in your exams

Many students find writing exams very stressful, but this need not be the case. If you ensure that you are prepared, not only academically, but also practically and emotionally, you are well on your way to succeeding.

Succeed in studying

Students, we know that preparing for an examination or test can be quite daunting.  You often don’t know where to start or how exactly to approach the course content.  We have put together some tips to help you succeed in studying.

The value of a good textbook

I still have many of the textbooks that I used while I was studying on my bookshelf at home.  The other day I took one of those textbooks off the shelf again to check on something and I started thinking about what makes a really great textbook.