Oxford Reading Safari

Oxford Reading Safari

Oxford Reading Safari is an online, interactive and personalised reading programme for children with reading challenges. Developed by language and reading experts, it is suitable for both English Home and First Additional Language speakers.


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Who is Oxford Reading Safari for?

Oxford Reading Safari is suitable for:


learners with reading challenges who can read at a basic Grade 2 level


reluctant or delayed readers


learners who are struggling with the transition from being taught in their mother tongue to English.

What makes it unique?

Oxford Reading Safari has the unique ability to identify a reader’s challenges and areas of weakness, and then tailors the programme to address those problems. With the help of a reading partner, it effectively focuses on different types of reading challenges in fun and flexible online sessions.

How does it work?

Oxford Reading Safari uses mentoring, which is a proven and powerful learning tool. The reader works online alongside a mentor, who could be a teacher, a parent, a committed older child or a therapist.
The reader and mentor start with a levelling passage so that the reader can begin the programme at the right level. They then work through a series of reading passages that get progressively more challenging.

How is progress measured?

Oxford Reading Safari measures progress in speed and accuracy. Each reading passage comes with a set of questions to test the reader’s comprehension and vocabulary. Progress is measured and comprehensive reports are available.

How are learners motivated?

Oxford Reading Safari really makes reading fun! While learners practise their reading, they go on an adventure to a game park.
They earn points as they read, which allow them to see a variety of animals and birds, and unlock different levels of their safari adventure. They will also learn about caring for injured and rescued animals, conservation and much more!

How often should it be used, and how long will it take to get results?

For best results, Oxford Reading Safari should be used one to two times per week, for around 20 to 25 minutes per session.
The programme should be used for at least six months, after which you can choose to re-assess to check the reader’s progress.

What does it cost?

A limited offer 3-month free trial is available to schools in South Africa.

Complete the form below, and an Oxford educational consultant will contact you.

Please note: The Oxford Reading Safari 3-month trial offer is available only to schools in South Africa. Should you sign up for a trial using this form, we will share further information with you in advance of activating the trial.

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