1. Oxford CAPS approved

Transforming lives

through education

Teachers use Oxford books because:

  • the content is rich, relevant and age appropriate to make sure that learners stay interested throughout the year
  • the topics are structured according to CAPS which makes the course easy to use in the classroom
  • the scaffolded content and concepts provide learners with a solid foundation for exam success
  • the large number and variety of activities consolidate knowledge and skills, and provide ample practice to ensure exam success
  • the appropriate language level makes content accessible, builds learner confidence and supports independent learning and revision
  • all the planning tools are fully worked out and photocopiable, which saves time when preparing lessons and ensures correct pacing and progression
  • guidance on assessment and flexible assessment tools allow teachers to adapt the assessment tools to meet specific classroom needs
  • the exam section – with exam tips and practice papers – helps learners prepare for formal assessment and exams.

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