The Man Who Made Dictionaries

by | Sep 29, 2021 | Higher Education, Video

This is the story of Albert Sydney Hornby and the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary. Behind the dictionary’s creation is the fascinating story of a ‘simple teacher’ with a brilliant mind, whose passion for language teaching changed the way the world learns English. A. S Hornby was the man who made dictionaries.

Find out more about A. S. Hornby and the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary at Find out more about the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary 10th edition!

0:00 Introducing Hornby

0:25 Introducing the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary

0:40 The story begins in Japan

1:49 Creating a new dictionary for English learners

3:09 Oxford University Press requests samples of Hornby’s dictionary

3:39 The world at war

4:26 Hornby held as a prisoner of war

5:06 Getting it into print

6:16 Hornby’s legacy

7:26 The Hornby Trust

8:04 The dictionary today

For more information about the Hornby Trust, visit

By Oxford University Press ELT

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