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Accounting Basics Unplugged

by | Oct 16, 2014 | Higher Education

If only our brains could store academic work as easily as they stock up on pop songs! You can spend two hours studying a page of notes and still struggle to recall them later that day but after 30 seconds exposure to a pop song, you’ll wake up with it stuck in your head two weeks later.

Enter JP Bruwer – accounting lecturer by day, musical genius by night. JP has carefully been calculating the perfect counterbalance between catchy and clever –  crafting songs with the accounting basics you need to know with hooks you can’t forget. Accounting Basics Unplugged is JP’s fifth lyric video and this time he’s got an acoustic pop track to help you master Trial Balances.

WARNING – it is seriously catchy! Be prepared to hum along the fundamental elements of a trial balance whether you want to or not!

Watch JP’s other videos here

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