Just keep talking

So English is not your first language? Not to worry. Having a conversation does not mean that you have to produce perfectly formed sentences all the time. Make use of the phrases below to keep the conversation going even if you do not know the exact word for...

Tricky pronunciations

Some words are just tricky to pronounce correctly. Different people say them differently: some are convinced their way is the right way; and others are never sure if they are saying them correctly. Here’s a cheat sheet for some of the more common ones.

Let’s Master Apostrophes

The apostrophe, for some it’s a powerful tool – for others it’s a symbol of fear. Mastering the apostrophe is one of the best favours you can do for yourself, so let our easy to use infographic help you right away.

More Commonly Confused Words

With our first Commonly Confused Words Infographic we distinguished some words that can quite easily get muddled up. Unfortunately there are still so many confusing words out there – fortunately we’ve created a brand new infographic to help you take care of them!...