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Editor Profile: Lindsay-Jane Lücks

by | Feb 26, 2020 | Higher Education, Uncategorized

If you’re interested in the publishing industry or simply want to have a closer look at Oxford University Press South Africa – look no further than our recurring Editorial Profile feature.

Editorial Profiles are brief Q & A sessions with our Editorial team which aim to give insight into the mechanics of the Publishing industry, shed light on what it takes to be part of the Editorial team for Oxford University Press South Africa, and give expert advice to anybody interested in joining the world of Higher Education publishing in South Africa.

Q: How did you find yourself following a career in publishing?

I never intended to follow a career in publishing however at the time the opportunity arose to join Oxford University Press South Africa. I studied through UNISA obtaining my BEd degree in early childhood and development foundation phase.  And saw great value in being able to be part of and experience a facet of the educational industry, namely publishing of learning material, that aspiring teachers rarely become part of.

Q: Describe your work day. What does your job entail?

My job consists of several aspects namely appointing copy editors; proof-readers, artist & indexers. Drawing up briefs and briefing service providers as well as drafting the production schedule. Quality management of the manuscript and production process. Adhering to the financial management of book budgets and to the role of the traffic controller for any documentation and deadlines. Last but certainly not the least paying freelancers to checking page proofs. I start my day by checking my emails to see progress on the projects in production and work through my list of priorities.

Q: What key traits do you think make a great editor?

Bucket loads of patience, detail orientated, extensive knowledge of the contents, intention, and purpose of the publication.

Q: What part of your job do you enjoy the most?

Completing a book would often be seen as the best part of a project however it is the journey of creating a book that I find most enjoyable. As I get to work with others but also every publication teach me new things. The learning process and connecting with others is what I enjoy most.

 Q: What advice would you give to someone considering a career in Publishing?

It is important to have a balance between patience and an enthusiastic drive. As the publishing of books needs to be proficient on the one hand but on the other hand it has detailed elements that requires patience and attention to detail. In order to be successful you would need to have a balance between the two.

Q: What additional support does a Project manager offer their author, and why is this important?

Finding solutions to avoid expensive copyright fees. Offer assistance in proof reading references to alleviate the pressure.

Q: What would you say is the most rewarding part of the editorial process?

I would imagine that the most rewarding part of the editorial process is knowing that all the ‘I’ dotted and ‘t’ are crossed pun intended.

Q: On a personal note, what is your favourite book and why?

The book of Genesis as it tells the truth about three men whom to which God promises the world. It tells the truth about their triumphs as well as their shortcomings.

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