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Showcasing inspiring young talent across South Africa

by | Mar 1, 2016 | Schools

In 2015, Oxford, in partnership with the Department of Telecommunications and Postal Services, the Department of Basic Education and the South African Post Office, ran an exciting national artwork and creative writing stamp competition that involved learners in creating a commemorative stamp for our centenary.

We received almost 2000 entries from learners in top performing quintile 1 and 2 schools across the country. 12 winners were selected on national level and another 44 on provincial level. The artwork by the top national winner was used by the Post Office’s Philatelic Services to develop a stamp that is now available nationally from selected post offices.

Below are the artwork and creative writing entries of the Top 3 winners. All 3 learners were awarded a laptop and educational resources for themselves and their school. The artwork and creative writing* by these learners are a true inspiration, and illustrate the hope of our youth through their interpretation of the competition theme “My Education, My Future”. It is a privilege for Oxford to be able to provide a platform for these learners to express themselves in this way.

Winner: Junaid Opperman (De Rust Hoërskool, Western Cape)

Stamp Booklet_Final 7

My picture is about a learner who always does his schoolwork. He is obedient, tidy, and always completes his homework. When he attends school, he learns a lot of new things in each subject. At school, he learns about various subjects, for example Mathematics, Afrikaans, Technology, (LO) Life Orientation and (NS) Natural Sciences.

In Mathematics he learns how to add, subtract, divide and multiply and how to calculate square roots. In Afrikaans he learns for example about different sentences, antonyms, homonyms and homophones. In Technology he learns for example about levers and gear systems. In Life Orientation he learns about Tuberculosis, MIV, HIV and more. In Natural Sciences he learns about things like the solar system and DNA.

The new things he learns at school inspired him to attend school every day in order to broaden his knowledge.

His plan for the future is to finish school, to further his studies and to graduate in order to get a successful job.

He knows it is all within his reach if he is dedicated to his schoolwork, if he pays attention in class and if he always gives it his best.


2nd Prize: Matala Sezephe (Lea-Manor Farm School, Free State)Stamp Booklet_Final 9

My stamp is about the importance of reading books. In life, reading starts at a young age and it grows as time unfolds. The more books you read the more knowledge you acquire. Knowledge is power; the power of reading various sources helps us to climb the ladder of life.

We all start with one step. Ultimately, you end up reaching your destination. You can make a huge impact or difference in the lives of others, including those next to you.

A journey of a thousand miles always starts with one step. We all started by reading one book. Today we have many books available to us. Books have made a big improvement in our lives as well as on the economy of our country. Knowledge from books helps us to contribute positively to the economy of our country. It equips us with skills and as a result, our lives change or improve for the better.

Through reading you can improve your understanding of things and you can learn about new things that you did not know before.


3rd Prize: Marius Xoka (Rietvale High School, Northern Cape)Stamp Booklet_Final 11

My education is important to me and my future. The only way I can have a bright future is through education. Life is all about development and I cannot develop myself without education.

Sometimes in life, one has to crawl before you start walking, to achieve the things you want in life.

However, even when you stand tall, remember where you come from, and help others to achieve the same you have achieved in life.





(*Note: the above creative writing texts have been edited for consistency and readability, without changing the integrity of the original writing. English translations are provided of texts originally submitted in Afrikaans.)

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