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Oxford’s Inaugural Maths Magazine: SUM IT UP

by | Jul 21, 2023 | Resources, Schools

Discover engaging math stories and thought-provoking perspectives in Oxford’s inaugural math magazine, SUM IT UP. Explore the opportunities to enhance math learning and problem-solving skills.

The inaugural issue of SUM IT UP features three different math stories written by our interns at Oxford University Press. If you are a teacher, parent, or caregiver, we encourage you to read these stories and consider incorporating them into your students’ or child’s math learning. In this issue, we also assembled a panel of publishers in the field of maths to share some thought-provoking views on the following:

  • Angles of reflection
  • The language of maths
  • Developing problem-solving skills in young children
  • Blended learning and what it means for you

As the leading educational publisher in South Africa, Oxford University Press has the solutions that can help to sway a “fixed mindset” maths narrative. We hope this first issue of “Sum it Up” inspires you to explore the opportunities we offer, so you can embrace the idea of continuous growth and achievement in math.

Click to read the full magazine online:

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