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Our pronunciation toolkit

by | May 18, 2022 | Resources, Schools

Pronunciation is integral to vocabulary learning. As well as knowing the meaning and written form of a word or phrase, students need to be able to recognize and produce its spoken form. Good pronunciation can also help students retain vocabulary more effectively.

Pronunciation skills are critical for effective English communication in today’s world. They not only contribute significantly to learners’ communicative competence and their ability to achieve international intelligibility but positively impact the development of other linguistic skills like speaking and listening, vocabulary learning, and reading. To elaborate, pronunciation skills help in the development of learners’ speaking skills. Deliberate pronunciation instruction has been shown to increase learners’ confidence when speaking English. Pronunciation skills also help bolster learners’ listening skills.

Download this ready to print toolkit to help your learners practice difficult pronunciation features, improve their vocabulary, and communicate effectively in a global world.

Pronunciation toolkit

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