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Suit Up. Step Up. It’s Time to Become a Hero!

Marvin’s life is perfectly ordinary until one day he discovers a mysterious superhero suit hidden in his attic. It is powered by kindness and imagination, and since Marvin has tons of both, the powers of the suit are infinite…

Armed with his super suit and robot sidekick, Pixel, Marvin steps into his role as the newest in a long line of superheroes and becomes the unstoppable, invincible, and completely MARVellous!

In Marv and the Mega Robot, supervillain, Mastermind, is causing chaos with her mega robot. When it grabs Marvin’s best friend Joe, he knows it is time to spring into action and save the day.

In Marv and the Dino Attack, Marvin is on a school trip to the dinosaur museum when supervillain, Rex makes the dinosaur skeletons come alive. He wants one for a sidekick and he wants it NOW! Marv is chased through the museum by a rampaging T-Rex and must use his super-suit to save the day.

Exciting features of these books includes:

  • This new series is a celebration of the power of kindness, resilience, and courage.
  • With a relatable protagonist, a hilarious robot sidekick, and a superhero suit that offers endless possibilities, this series will appeal to any superhero fan and thrill-seeking adventurer!
  • Highly illustrated in two colour throughout, Marv is perfect for reluctant readers, newly confident readers, and to bridge the gap between picture books and independent reading.

Explore the world of Marv for yourself with the activity sheets below:
MARV books:

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