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Make Geography your favourite place through “Learn with Oxford”

by | Nov 11, 2022 | News, Schools

Geography helps us understand our complicated world. It is the study of human and physical environments that integrates physical and human processes across space and time.

Geography is a branch of study that examines spatial patterns on Earth in a coordinated way across space and time, as well as physical and human processes. It looks at how people are distributed spatially and their interactions, as well as the physical and man-made characteristics, ecosystems, and interactions that people have with one another and with the surroundings in a changing environment.

Learning geography helps students understand how processes and spatial patterns work, the impact that values and attitudes have on the environment, how to make informed decisions about changing environments and contexts, how to think critically and creatively about what it means to live sustainably, and how to apply a variety of geographical skills and techniques to problems and challenges in a rapidly shifting environment.

With its focus on people, environment, and the relationship between people and the environment, geography in FET builds on the foundations established in the General Education and Training band in the Social Sciences Learning Area. 

Learn with Oxford offers content from our Digital Thematic Atlases, which include a trove of carefully selected maps and comprehensive reference material designed to meet the FET CAPS requirements for Geography. It also includes interactive content from our Zoom In Map skills that focuses on key concepts for students in grades 10-12.

Grade 12 student using interactive geography content on Learn with Oxford
Content breakdown:

Digital Thematic Atlases Grade 10-12 

  • World themes
  • Geoskills
  • Geothemes
  • South Africa
  • Continents

Zoom Map Skills Grade 10-12 

  • GIS
  • Map interpretation
  • Map reading

Click the button below to learn more and also to get the service:

A full month’s access for R49. No data costs. Exclusive to MTN users. ​T&C apply.

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