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Key advantages and positive outcomes associated with reading and writing in your mother tongue

by | Jun 30, 2023 | News, Schools

The benefits of reading and writing in one’s mother tongue are numerous and profound. As the nation’s leading literacy publisher, Oxford University Press Southern Africa publishes books in all 11 official languages as well as the significance of our Oxford bilingual dictionary series further amplifies these advantages.

To further support this, Oxford’s bilingual dictionary series offers comprehensive translations and language resources to support mother tongue education by providing learners with a tool to access and comprehend information in their native language and to empower them to overcome language barriers and unlock their full potential.

Firstly, reading and writing in one’s mother tongue fosters a deeper understanding and connection to culture, heritage, and identity. It allows learners to express themselves more authentically and build a strong foundation for learning additional languages and enhances their overall language proficiency.

Additionally, literacy in the mother tongue facilitates effective communication and comprehension. It enables learners to grasp complex concepts, think critically and engage in meaningful dialogue. Research has shown that children who learn to read and write in their native language perform better academically across various subjects.

Lastly, promoting literacy in the mother tongue contributes to social inclusion and equitable access to opportunities. When individuals are able to read and write in their native language, it enhances their overall cognitive development, language skills and educational success.

To further support and empower children with the fundamental skills of reading, writing and comprehension in their mother tongue, Oxford University Press SA partnered with AVBOB and generously donated 130 000 books in all 11 official languages for the 2023 Road to Literacy campaign.

As a result of this initiative, Radio NFM 98.1, a South African community radio station based in Northern Cape in Namaqualand interviewed Managing Director of OUPSA, Hanri Pieterse and Manager for Social Programs of AVBOB, Morne Scholtz. Based on the success of the 2023 Road to Literacy Beneficiary Announcement, topics discussed were the objectives and purpose of the initiative, key advantages associated with reading, the possibility of running this campaign again next year and if so, how can people of Namakwa take part.

“Our collaboration with AVBOB is one such example where our shared values and mutual vision have strengthened our relationship and delivered The Road to Literacy campaign that drove this vision with a profound impact after only two consecutive years of running it,” said Hanri Pieterse.

Listen to the full interview here:

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