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It’s never too early to get exam-ready

by | Jan 17, 2020 | Schools

It might only be the beginning of the new school year, but before you know it, the first round of exams will be at your doorstep. Make studying simpler, interactive and fun from the start with Zoom In, our unique digital study series, now also available on Snapplify.

Oxford University Press South Africa and Snapplify have partnered to bring you interactive content for Grades 10, 11 and 12. Whether you’re a learner, teacher, tutor, or parent, studying for exams is now simple (and fun!) with Zoom In, an interactive CAPS-aligned study solution.

Our Digital Publisher, Janine Wilson, explains what Zoom In offers.

What can I do with Zoom In as a learner?
You can learn and master critical concepts in Life Sciences, Physical Sciences, Mathematics, Mathematical Map Skills, English First Additional Language and Accounting.

Studying otherwise difficult (and at times, mundane) concepts will instantly become fun and engaging through videos, audio teachings, animations, simulations and interactive activities. And research suggests you can expect at least a 5% increase in your marks, and up to 29% improvement.

Get ready to walk into the exam room exuding confidence and ready to conquer those tricky questions!

How does Zoom In help me as a teacher, tutor or parent?
With built-in questionnaires, you are able to test your child or learner’s knowledge quickly and save loads of time, which you can use to focus on giving them individual help. We’ve done all the research for you, allowing you to help them engage with and understand those tricky concepts.

You’re able to watch videos with your child and watch them practise what they’ve learnt. Marking is automatic and the audio lessons are given by professional teachers. This means that you’re free to help and support them – without having to know everything.

How do I get Zoom In and how long will it take until I get my own copy?
You can purchase and download your own copy of Zoom In right now:

  1. Visit www.snapplify.com
  2. Add to your cart the subjects or concepts you want to explore
  3. Make your payment
  4. Download the Snapplify reader (from the Google Play Store or iStore)
  5. Open up your downloaded files on your Snapplify reader

But wait! Do you want to try it out first, for FREE? Grab your FREE SAMPLE right now and interact with Zoom In. Search for Zoom In on Snapplify and keep an eye out for the free samples for each subject.

Need help? Contact us on 021 596 2300 or oxford.za@oup.com, or get in touch with us on Facebook or Twitter.

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