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Everyday Stories of Climate Change SA

by | Sep 26, 2023 | Resources, Schools

When we talk about climate change, we often use abstract ideas such as the planet is warming, global sea levels are rising or rainfall is becoming more unpredictable. But, how do these changes actually impact the daily lives of families across the world? In this comic, you will travel to five countries and explore the everyday ways that low-income families experience climate change. The stories shine a light on some of the overlooked and ‘mundane’ impacts of climate change for those who are often left to shoulder much of the responsibility to adapt and recover.

These stories are based on research by Gemma Sou (University of Manchester), Adeeba Nuraina Risha (BRAC University) and Gina Ziervogel (University of Cape Town), with this version adapted for a South African audience.

Introduce the topic of climate change into your classroom with the accompanying resource pack. Specifically designed for Grades 7–9, this pack will provide you with curriculum-aligned content, which integrate climate change into topics such as Floods, Disasters, Management of Resources and Water in South Africa, Climate Regions, Settlement and Development, as well as Resource Use and Sustainability. 

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