An Author Reads – I want to play

by | Apr 5, 2022 | Online Reading Corner, Schools

Aweh! English Grade 1 Level 1 Reader 7

I want to play is the seventh Reader of Level 1 in the Aweh! English First Additional Language reading scheme. Aweh! is a graded reading scheme that will awaken any child’s imagination as they join Mama Africa in saving the world’s stories by charging the Umthombo; the well of stories. The bright and colourful artwork provides a child-centred learning opportunity that integrates both the weekly Mathematics concept and the Life Skills topic. The inside cover identifies the key vocabulary and phonic focus for every Reader. The back inside cover offers a fun writing activity to consolidate the child’s understanding and to link reading to writing.

Read by author: Vanessa Finaughty

#readingforenjoyment #readingforfun #readingtime #readingisfun 

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