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Your Ultimate Guide to Varsity Success is here

by | Feb 24, 2015 | Higher Education

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Who is Professor Bloom? If you haven’t met the mysterious and charismatic mastermind behind the study revolution you’re missing out and need to watch our introduction video to studying smart right now.

Of course effective studying is not the only tool for success and if anyone knows that, it’s Prof Bloom. Follow Bloom as he comprehensively journeys across the three other cornerstones of academic success, in our new video series that leaves no space for academic doubt.

Join the Professor as he takes Chris on an 8-bit adventure through cyberspace to master Assignment Writing, invites Lloyd to a madcap dinner party with her personified essay sources to figure out Referencing, and helps Litha negotiate the immense labyrinth that is Note Taking. Naturally no great lesson is complete without comprehensive notes afterward and each video comes with a handy downloadable pdf set to accompany you at any time.

The keys to success have never been so shiny and easily labelled thanks to Prof Bloom and Oxford University Press Southern Africa.

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