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Succeed in studying

by | Jun 27, 2016 | Higher Education

Students, we know that preparing for an examination or test can be quite daunting.  You often don’t know where to start or how exactly to approach the course content.  We have put together some tips to help you succeed in studying.

  • Identify the right place to study:

Find a place to study which you are able to access when you need to, and where you can concentrate on what you are learning.  This could be your bedroom, the library, the dining room at your dormitory or house, or anywhere you can study undisturbed.  Try to choose a place that has enough light and fresh air.

  • Find and use the study method that works for you:

There are so many study methods to choose from and you may be using one quite successfully already. If you are not familiar with study methods, take some time to research and test different methods throughout the year so that you know what works for you when it comes to examination time.  You can start by doing an online quiz to determine if you are a visual, auditory or kinesthetic learner.  Knowing how your brain best processes and remembers information will help you to choose the right study method.

  • Work through the course content and test yourself:

Preparing for the examination starts with doing all the class assessments, projects and tests throughout the year.  When it is examination time, start by working through the notes you made in class and identify the areas you will need to concentrate on. Once you have read through your notes and know what you will be concentrating on, start memorizing and understanding the content.  How you do this will greatly depend on what type of learner you are, if you are a visual learner this may entail making colourful flow diagrams and summaries or watching videos online.  If you are an auditory learner, you may want to read sections of the content out lout.  Once you are confident that you know and understand the work, test yourself.  Work through the assessments in your textbook, past test papers and past examination papers, this will give you a good idea of whether or not you have mastered the content.

While some students prefer to cram for their examinations just before they have to write, studying through the night is not the best course of action.  You need to get some rest and give your brain time to process all of the information.

All the best in your studies!

Here is a link to Oxford University Press Southern Africa’s TVET poster “Succeed in Studying”: https://bit.ly/25y3Xg0

Yolandi Farham, TVET Publisher, Oxford University Press Southern Africa

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