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Looking back over the history of Introduction to Business Management

by | Oct 23, 2023 | News

As the 12th edition of this well-known textbook makes its appearance, current authors, Barney Erasmus and Johan Strydom take us back in time with a retrospective on Introduction to Business Management.

We take pride in welcoming you as readers of the 12th edition of Introduction to Business Management. This occasion is not only a celebration of our unwavering commitment to equipping our readers and students with the cutting-edge tools and knowledge required to excel in the fast-paced world of business management, but it also highlights the fact that this discipline is constantly evolving, something for which we are deeply grateful.

However, before we continue, we would like to reflect briefly on the history of this publication.

The first edition of Introduction to Business Management was published in 1987 by Southern Book Publishers, as were the second and third editions. The fourth edition was published in 1997 by International Thomson Publishing (Southern Africa). The fifth edition was published in 2000 by Oxford University Press Southern Africa (Pty) Limited, which also published all subsequent editions up to the 12th edition (2023). 

It is now 37 years since the first edition of Introduction to Business Management was published and we especially acknowledge the outstanding professionalism of the publishing teams, especially the Oxford University Press team, during the past 24 years. The other publishers have also excelled in their marketing strategy to keep all higher education institutions abreast of new editions and changes to the content over the past 37 years.

We also acknowledge all the editors and authors involved over the past 37 years, especially the editors of the first edition (1987), namely: Professors G J de J Cronje, W M J Hugo, E W Neuland and M J van Reenen. They guided the authors towards focusing on the fundamentals of business management and highlighted the unique challenges facing businesses in South Africa. Accolades are also due to all the editors, authors and contributors post the first edition who unhesitatingly made themselves available to contribute to this very successful publication. They made it possible to ensure that each edition of the publication was relevant, accurate and professional – especially important since the dawn of the new South Africa in 1994.

Dear readers, whether you are starting out in the field of business management, hoping to enhance your existing knowledge, or striving to keep up with the latest developments, we trust that this issue will be valuable to your personal and professional development. We express our sincerest gratitude to all those who have put their trust in our cause and provided backing throughout our journey up to this point. While we pay tribute to everyone who helped in the past make Introduction to Business Management a seminal work, we are eagerly looking forward to the future successes and advances that will shape the field of business management in the years to come. May you always be guided by the qualities of curiosity, adaptability and resilience in your pursuit of excellence?

In conclusion, it is with great confidence that we unveil the 12th edition of our business management publication – a demonstration of our commitment to education and our longstanding mission to equip experts, business owners and students equally. We warmly welcome you to join us in our study of the ever-evolving world of business management. We wish you every success as you explore the endless prospects that lie before you!

By Barney Erasmus & Johan Strydom

Barney Erasmus
Johan Strydom

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