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Making basic accounting concepts stick: through music!

by | May 8, 2014 | Higher Education

Accounting MusicAccounting lecturer and author JP Bruwer found a creative solution to make basic accounting concepts stick: through music. We asked him about how he came up with this idea:

“With most of my accounting students enjoying listening to music, I engaged in random conversations with them and asked them what type(s) of songs they enjoy listening to. Some enjoyed native tongue music, others hip hop, some liked pop and a handful enjoyed rock, just to mention but a few genres. This made me think: “Since music is universal and every person on this planet enjoys some sort of theme of music, why not use it to help students learn?” As a musician (by hobby), I decided to give it a go:

Catchy beat; check. Funky tune; check. Instruments in tune; check. All that is left is the lyrics. Plot down some random words, erase, add, scratch, highlight, undo, redo … finally a first draft of the lyrics. “An asset is a resource …”, no no no. “A resource is like an asset …” no no no. (Deep sigh). After another 10 minutes: “hey, I think this can work. Take one”. This was followed by a take two, take three … (you see where I am going with this).

Fast forward a couple of months … finally, a final draft! My first attempt at sharing knowledge … the basics of accounting! I purposely chose a ‘blues’ tune as most students who are exposed to accounting sciences for the first time feel ‘blue’. I trust that this tune will make their frowns turn upside down”.

Listen to the songs here:

    • Accounting Basics Blues

    • Accounting Basics Rap

Do you have any tips to share for making accounting easier to learn? Let us know in our comments section below…

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