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JP Bruwer’s unique approach to recording accounts

by | Jul 30, 2014 | Higher Education

Accounting lecturer JP Bruwer is back with some notes that you don’t need to take to the photocopier. He’s explained basic accounting theory over a blues riff, tested out his rap flow to relay what debit and credit is about, jazzed up T-Accounts and now he’s strumming out the General Journal.

The newly released Accounting Basics Rock is the fourth lyric video in JP’s set of songs that take key accounting concepts and turn them into jingles you won’t be able to forget. If you’re finding “General Journal” a complete mystery – no, it’s not a band name – then this video is for you.

Whether you’re explaining the topic or learning about it, simply press play and let the musical tunes help you solve the problem.

Want to hear more? Check out JP’s other videos:

For more info about JP and what inspired him to start recording here’s our first blog post about him.

Want JP to make a whole album? Have a genre you think he should try out? Find the song useful? Leave us a comment below and let us know what you think!

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