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Campus has just started and you’ve just gotten the hang of everything. You know (more or less) where your classes are and you’ve completed your registration, daunted by the fact that you had to organize everything yourself.

You’ve even been given your very first assignment of 2,000 words. Yikes!

You then remind yourself that you’ve written essays before . . . in secondary school. What could go wrong?

You write the best paper of your life, hand it over to your lecturer with a smug smile, and walk away satisfied.

But when you receive it back, you are horrified at the crime scene on your paper as your lecturer has decided that your essay was a complete disaster. Your confidence about writing has withered. What went wrong?

The truth is that the academic standard at tertiary institutes is generally higher than that of secondary schools. Lecturers don’t spoon-feed you like your teacher used to. You’re completely on your own and left to fend for yourself.

There is a solution.

The book  An Introduction to Scholarship by Cheryl Siewierski deals with the transition from secondary school to university. This witty, yet comprehensively written book is the exact missing link that will take the typically lost first-year to new heights.

Issues such as referencing, writing suitable academic essays, and the contemporary concept of ‘google-fu’, which refers to the use of search engines in academic research, are all included in this handy book.

No longer will you struggle to write adequate university-standard essays, or try to figure out the various complex referencing systems (yes, there is more than one). This book promises to deliver the knowledge you will need to survive your years at a tertiary institution.

For more information, check out the catalogue on our website: https://bit.ly/1RVADLB

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