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Aden at Heart FM chats to Lexicographer, Dr Phillip Louw (Oxford University Press)

by | Nov 17, 2021 | Dictionaries, News

Aden at Heart FM chats to Lexicologist, an expert in words and someone who is very influential in which words qualify to go into the Oxford dictionary, Dr Phillip Louw (Oxford University Press South Africa – Lead Publisher: Dictionaries and Dictionary Data).

However, there are those of us who use words which aren’t actually words or the correct pronunciation of it. But no one has corrected you or them. Or maybe after a very long time someone did…can you relate?

Like that saying “without further a due” which is actually “…without further a do” Aden finds out more…

#oxforduniversitypress #dictionary #oxforddictionary #language #wordoftheday

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